Anima Vinum is a wine merchant with a commitment to finding, discovering, sharing and supplying wine lovers with vintage wines originating from the different wine-growing regions of France. The cultivar is the variety of grape and the 'terroir' gives the wine its personality.

Contrary to industrial wines, we support wines produced by real wine-growers. They are both passionate and engaging people. These men and women who take the utmost care in cultivating their vines and developing their vineyards themselves, each with their own story to tell : that of winemakers.

Independent, non corporate, free, and environmentally friendly

Since 1999 we have been exploring vineyards to meet these highly skilled craftsmen and women and have chose the best amongst them. We believe that each detail is important: respect for the land and the environment, good
value for money, the care in having a craftsman's approach, quality in vine growing and wine making, special care in producing small vintages...

We believe in the idea that good wine is more deeply rooted in the vineyard than in the winery. The wines that we love most often come from old vines of at least 40 years old. These wines which are more deeply rooted in the soil and less vigorous, express the characteristics of their 'terroir' in a much better way.


Marjon VANDROUX, Pierre GRIMALDI & Jean-François VANDROUX, associates and friends since 1983

And at ANIMA VINUM, we have a true thirst for freedom: every year, we taste and choose the new vintages of wine growers in complete independence, we do not belong to any group, cooperative, estate or large wine company. In order to be identifiable and recognisable, our selection of more than 300 vintages carry our stamp of a red snail carrying a wooden cask and an explanatory note.




 The winemaker's snail  

It bears reference to our qualitative approach and our moral values. The snail carrying a wooden cask, is a label of quality representing both the 'terroir' and our skilled winemakers. The snail is the perfect example of an animal which knows how to take advantage of the diversity of its environment in order to eat and build a shell.

Furthermore, the taste of these snails is quite different from those which have been bred. Just like the snail, the committed winemakers working with us are characterised by their ability to get unique tastes and aromas from the earth and into the glass. And, just like us, the snail is sensitive to the quality of the soil and avoids chemically treated fields.

a symbol for our approach and our moral values 

In fact, a vineyard is similar to human beings, the less it absorbs junk food, the more it strengthens its immune system. At Anima Vinum, we love wine which is produced respecting the natural balance. Finally, we believe that all lovers of fine wines, regardless of their position and role along the path that leads from vineyard to table, should benefit from our methods.

In so doing we are committed to developing fair trade relationships with our wine growers and customers and also guarantee a no-frills approach to wine lovers who appreciate and understand really good wines.


ANIMA VINUM, is a human adventure made of moral values and passion for good wine, handcraft, terroir and gastronomy. Jean-François VANDROUX and Pierre GRIMALDI, associate managers and friends since 1983, have been designing the winemakers's snail way for 15 years. Beside them, Laurence GIRARDOT (Administrative & market assistant), Marjon VANDROUX (Associate & Chief of Administration and et Logistique dpt.) et Marion CHEVASSUS (Marketing & Communication assistant ), are committed too in reintroducing taste to your tastebuds.