Become a joint-purchaser !

At the Hospices de Beaune auctions, we mainly owe our 3rd  purchaser position  to our joint-purchaser who renew each year their confidence to Anima Vinum. Every year, on this particular third week-end of muddy november, we come and go to the Hospices de Beaune winery to taste the vintages of the year - those that will be sold at the auctions. Jean-François VANDROUX and Pierre GRIMALDI, both associates, strictly select the wines they wish to get during the auctions, those, they will advise to their joint-purchasers. 

A few days before the auctions, the estimated prices are published. 

During the auctions week-end, its is big time for our snail ! He pushes his way hours long to win the big prize : the wines he has been dreaming of. The acquired pieces are recognized and removed from the winery of the Hospices during winter, to be cosseted in the cellars of our winemaker friends Agnès Paquet (white wines) and Francis Lechauve,  l’Eveil des Sens domain (red wines). 

In the spring, a very special week-end is organised so that our joint-purchasers can taste their aging acquisition. A magical an blissful moment !

After about 18 month of aging, our wines are embottled. They finally get into the cellars of their happy owners. A long time to wait, but the dose of patience is worth it. Imagine how you feel when you open a bottle of Hospices de Beaune, rare, unique, mentionning your name on the label and vinified by experts...

Just like the snail, you might drool !

Becoming a joint-purchaser with the winemaker's snail !

Did we tease you right ? Was that enough mouth-watering ? You may think it's the occasion to buy great wine together with friends ? Or do you simply think of your own egoistic enjoyment, putting some magic in your cellar ?

Then why don't you just send us an email (click on the link below)  and we take care of you !

* only restriction attached : at least 12 bottles or 6 magnums minimum must be puchased.